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Sunflower Harvesting Header

High productivity and care for a loss-free harvest are the main characteristics of Metalagro AD’s Sunflower Harvesting Header (SHH). The header works equally well for tall- and short-stemmed varieties  - it can pick up a sunflower head from a height  of 900 mm. This is thanks to the new  articulated  divider points.

When harvesting sunflower with SHH, losses are less than 1.8%.

Sunflower Harvesting Header

Technical features:

Why harvest with SHH? Technical features:

SHH originated from a header, created in Russia over 40 years ago. The design has been improved several times. The current one, a refined and functionally infallible sunflower harvesting machine, was first offered to farmers in 2016.

The design shape of the channels between the divider points ensures feeding a sunflower head while slanting it over the conveyor belt at the same time. This way, if there were any seeds escaping from the flower head, they would get transported by the rubber belts into the header’s intake auger, and then into the combine harvester’s chamber. Here lies the secret, it is the only way of cutting losses at harvest time. There is a significant difference between the SHH and all other types of headers when harvesting outside the recommended agrotechnical timelines – e.g. when the sunflower heads’ moisture is below 8%, harvesting oilseed varieties of sunflower becomes tricky. It gets harder to avoid serious losses. All lifter-equipped headers hit the stem at the combine-harvester’s forward speed and seeds scatter across the field . The following year, after wheat harvest, they germinate as a self-seeded crop. Such losses at low moisture rates exceed 20 tonnes per one hundred hectares. Just think about it – a full trailer load of grain for every hundred hectares, if harvesting at moisture levels below 8%.

The hinge joints protect thedivider pointsfrom impact with obstacles in the field.

A slip clutch protects the auger drive and all sections have individual clutches for the finger chains.

The high shield reduces losses even when harvesting a sunflower crop of varying height.

The conveyor belt “gathers” the heads of varied height stems. It successfully harvests the sunflower crop under different weather conditions. With SHH, the harvest can also be performed beyond the recommended agrotechnical timelines. This machine will protect you from losses even if harvesting at moisture levels below 8%.

Technical data:





Number of rows




Row spacing

70 cm
(or 75 cm)

70 cm
(or 75 cm)

70 cm
(or 75 cm)

Harvesting width

4.20 m

5.60 m

8.40 m


1350 kg

1700 kg

2700 kg


1 cardan

1 cardan

2 cardans

Working speed

6 – 11 kmph

6 – 11 kmph

5 - 9 kmph

How does it harvest?
As the header moves, the sunflower stems are picked up by the divider, directed to the lifter channel and fed to the cutting device. The channel between the lifters has a shape affording the sunflower head to slant over the conveyor belt. Stems get cut by a cutting disc device. The cut heads and some of the stem fall directly in the auger trey. Any broken pieces of the sunflower heads, as well as individual seeds, find their way onto the conveyor belt, which also feeds them to the central auger, and from there, to the inclined chamber of the combine harvester.
Drawing – SHH working process diagram
Metalagro AD produces SHH for all types of combines: 6, 8, and 12 rows; for row spacing of 70 or 75 cm. 

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