Технология за внасяне на течен азотен тор CULTAN


Stalk Chopper

Stalk Chopper
Stalk Chopper

Technical features:

The best results in chopping stalks after the harvest of canola and sunflower are achieved thanks to:

  • A responsible approach in designing and manufacturing;
  • Use of high-quality steels;
  • Manufacturing the cutting rotor on a special stand to achieve the perfect geometry of precision and balance;
  • Special operations for thermal processing and tempering of the cutting knives, after consulting leading science experts;
  • Use of high-quality joining elements from an exclusive German supplier – not one bolt or nut has been used without passing the Class 88 conformity test.
  • Designing each element with a view  of long-term, yet most cost-effective, operation.

Technical data:

Model МА - 504 МА - 505
Operating width 4.2 5.6
Rotor blades 10 10
Warranty 36 months

The marketing advantages of the chopper are as follows:

  • Possible to work at higher speed;
  • Possible to transport along the national road system without breaching the high-way code;
  • Guaranteed long-term service maintenance and supply of spare parts subject to wear and tear;
  • Best functional indices  among all offers on the market;
  • Achieving equally good results in both crops – canola and sunflower;
  • Guaranteed cost reduction for post-harvest farming operations;

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