Технология за внасяне на течен азотен тор CULTAN


Lavender Cultivator

Use: Ridging the row spacing of lavender, sage, rosemary and other plant crops grown in rows and forming tufts.

Modification: Suspendedtype.Comprising of two sections equipped with cultivator tines, star-shaped working units and depth-regulating wheels.

Lavender Cultivator

Technical features:


  • The chassis is made of tubular-shaped steel elements.
  • Bellota working units.
  • Star-shaped working units till the soil down to the root system.
  • Weeds are removed with the help of rubber disks.
  • Hovering design affords movement over uneven terrain.

Possible instalment of a fertilizer application system.

Technical data:


МА 115


Working width

2400 mm

2400 mm


1.5 m

1.5 m


1.2 m

1.8 m

Working speed

Up to 10 kmph

Up to 10 mph

Cultivation depth

4 - 8 cm

4 - 8 cm

Fertilization rate


200 kg/hectare

Tank size


250 l


320 kg

430 kg

Required power

over 60 hp

over 80 hp

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