Технология за внасяне на течен азотен тор CULTAN


Lavender Harvester

 The machine is used to cut lavender crops by a header, side-mounted onto the tractor, and a conveyor belt from the header to the coupled trailer.

Lavender Harvester

Technical features:

Mounted. Comprising of two headers (alveoli) with an independent hydraulic station, a dashboard and a conveyor belt.

Hydraulic, 12 V electric joystick steering, manual control, directly to the hydraulic distributor.

The frame is made of tubular steel profiles.

The working units are: lifters for the plants, finger chains with belts, cutting knife, conveyor belt (infinity), cross-section profiles, and a pusher from the non-working part of the conveyor belt. 

Working features and operating parameters:

Plant rows spacing from 300 to 500 mm.

Plant rows spacing– 1400 mm.

Minimal height of cut, measured from the ground– 100 mm.

Maximal height of cut, measured from the ground– 550 mm.

Maximal header opening – 800 mm.

Slanting angle of the header shoulders  - from 0 to 35 degrees

Technical data:

Maximal opening of the alveoli – 800 mm

Minimal opening of the alveoli – 300 mm

Conveyor let length – 5.20 m

Length of the frame with the header – 2 m

Working speedup to – 6 kmph

Productivity – 0.3 hectares  per hour

Weight – 995 kg

Required tractor power – from 60 hp

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